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Durasoft 2 Colors Contact Lenses

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Durasoft 2 Colors Contact lenses - buying contacts online is easy safe and a great savings for you. You can save upto 70% off the same lenses that your eye care professional prescribes you. We have compiled a list of secure sites that sell contact lenses along with the prices they charge for the lenses that you wear.

Contact Lenses Price Comparision

Here is a list of the secure stores that sell Durasoft 2 Colors contacts.

Store Price
CLE Contact Lenses $21.75
AC Lens $33.95
Vision Direct $35.95
Contact Lenses Direct $38.95
Lenses By Mail $42.50
elens $43.95
1800 Contacts $44.50
Just Lenses $49.95
Lens Express $54.95

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